Keep Believing in Waynesboro

“Thank you for visiting and checking out my website. I pray that you and your family are doing well during this difficult time. Four years ago I ran in hopes of serving on the Waynesboro City Council, because like many us, I was frustrated. Frustrated by the unrealized potential of our little City. A City full of potential, but relegated to wishes. A city with no plan, and worse…no action. Thanks to you, four years later…we are a City at work. Great things are happening because we’ve mapped our plan, we’ve forged strong bonds, we’ve made tough decisions, and the positive outcomes and the evidence of our work is in plain sight. To be blunt, here’s the simple truth, you can not make progress without making a decision…and without question…we are making tremendous progress.

My hope as you look around, is that you take the time to imagine the kind of Waynesboro that you want for your family, your business, and your retirement. Think about the things that you’d do to prepare for the future of our community? What steps would you take to make our community, a community of choice, and to help create good paying jobs, make right sized civic investments, and diversify our tax base? 

Don’t take the progress that we’ve made together for granted. We have turned the wheel, but not yet turned the corner. I have done by best to stand up for our community, and for a brighter future for our children and our collective future…and now I need your voice, your ideas, your talents, your gifts, and your time more than ever…I am counting on you to help me remain the voice of progress, and to help turn the corner of where we were, where we are, and where we must go together if we are to become a stronger and more sustainable Waynesboro.

The safety of our community is of paramount concern to me. The Virginia Department of Elections has given no indication that they will delay our local election, in spite of the COVID-19 outbreak. Instead, they are encouraging voters to vote via an Absentee Ballot. You can request a ballot either online, or by mailing in a hard-copy. I’ve provided some step-by-step directions on how to get either option accomplished, and will even deliver a hard copy to you if your printer is acting up, maintaining social distancing. Absentee ballots are now being accepted until 5pm on Tuesday, May 12th.

We’ve got to Keep Believing in Waynesboro….together…now more than ever. I hope I can count on your vote Tuesday, May 19th.

                – Terry

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