Need a Witness? We’ve got you covered.

Absentee ballots MUST be witnessed. With the stay at home order, this will make it difficult for those that live alone, or have no eligible member of their household to serve as a witness.

So, have you received your blank ballot? Need a witness before you can complete it? Simply call 540.254.0777, and leave your name and phone number. We will contact you to arrange a time convenient for you to have a Team Terry volunteer witness your vote.

At your designated time, meet your Team Terry witness at your designated “meeting” location (front door,  porch, stoop or yard).  We will call you if you are not at your meeting location.

Here are the steps to follow (with your witness within view and maintaining a safe 6ft-8ft social distance) THESE STEPS MUST BE FOLLOWED BEFORE YOU MARK YOUR VOTE SELECTIONS:

STEP 1: Open ballot

STEP 2: Make your vote selections (Your witness cannot assist or answer any questions about the ballot)

STEP 3: Place ballot in ballot envelope (DO NOT seal envelope at this time).

STEP 4: On ballot envelope fill in your name, address then sign your signature.

STEP 5: Place the envelope on your porch, stoop, front walkway and step back into your home.

STEP 6: Team Terry witness will then, with gloved hands, sign and date as a witness to your voting, and then leave. You must then place the ballot envelope into the mailing envelope that was provided. Adhere postage to outer envelope and leave for your postal carrier to pick up.

STEP 7: Thank you for voting!